Version 2.2.5
  • Added support for Sampler Map animation.
  • Fixed display of the subtextures names in Track View.
Version 2.2.1
  • Hot fix for support of MultiScatter with V‑Ray 3.0.
Version 2.2
  • Added support of plug-in MultiScatter for V‑Ray 3.0 and Corona Renderer.
  • Added ability to proportional texture scaling.
  • The new algorithm eliminates the mutual influence of varying parameters on each other.
  • The new algorithm of varying texture mapping makes it easier to achieve the desired result.
  • To ensure compatibility with previously created scenes added MAXScript parameters: UseIndependentRandomSequences and UseNewTextureTransformation, which allow you to switch between the old and new algorithms. For previously created scenes the new algorithms are off by default.
  • Fixed minor bugs.
Version 2.0.2
  • Fixed a bug that caused 3ds Max crash when using the plug-in with V‑Ray 3.0.
Version 2.0.1
  • Fixed minor bugs.
Version 2.0
  • Added ability to use any auxiliary texture (eg, Bitmap, Gradient, Noise, etc.) as a source of samples for base color. Probability of using the color depends on how often it occurs in the auxiliary texture.
  • Added ability to vary the texture coordinates (Offset, Tiles, Angle). This allows you to vary the mapping of one and the same texture for the various objects in the scene.
  • Added ability to vary the parameters (including color, texture coordinates, etc.) for different Tile ID.
  • Added full support of plug-in MultiScatter (including MultiScatter ObjectColor) for V‑Ray 2.10 and above.
Version 1.3
  • Added ability to independently turn on / off the color components variation.
  • Added ability to control ranges of varying by texture maps.
  • Added ability to vary the parameters for objects with different wire colors.
  • Added ability to change colors without variation.
  • Added ability to preview a range of hue variation in the material editor window.
  • The trial period is increased to 14 days.
  • Fixed minor bugs.
Version 1.2.1
  • Fixed bug that caused to crash of 3ds Max when using Random by Instance in the Material Editor.
Version 1.2
  • Updated algorithm for generating random color. The new algorithm excludes the repetition of color variations on copies of the objects.
  • Fixed bug that caused to arbitrary change color of instanced objects during network rendering.
Version 1.1
  • Added ability to vary colors for different elements of the object (Element sub-object).
  • Added ability to vary the texture map amount.
  • Added ability to use the texture map alpha channel.
  • Added ability to customize the number of samples of colors in the material editor slot.
  • Increased performance.
  • Fixed minor bugs.
Version 1.0
  • The first public version of the plug-in.